I am.


Nina the Dreamer, though it does not really rhyme.

A graduate of two seperate honours due to her incapability of decision-making.

Currently living in Sheffield, UK, hoping to make her way to one of those Notting Hill pastel houses one day.

Full-time English, occasionally speaking Polish as a proof of origin.

A lover of indoors, with a mug of tea permanently attached to her tiny, cold hands.

An unfulfilled writer with uncontrolled inspiration outbursts at 1 am.

Obsessed mostly with literature I’ve already laughed or cried like an imbecile while reading.

Still learning to live in a moment and not panic about things that are months to come.

This blog is a platform where I can be 100% me. No censorship.

I pledge to praise, I promise to rant.

I will share memories from places I visited, reviews of whatever I ate,read or watched and either loved or hated, as well as topics universally acknowledged as ‘controversial’. Shit might get serious.

Any random topics that don’t belong, can be found in Cornucopia – the magic cone containing my twisted thinking processes .

So reader, splash some non-committal ink on your fingers or inhale the dense smoke of the contemporary world – whatever you choose to do, I hope you’ll find interest in my writing.

Thanks for taking your coffee break here!



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