This is for all the girls and women who have ever been seriously traumatised and put down by lingerie. Inspired by the Lonely Girls campaign of Lonely Label.

Let’s be honest ladies – we’ve all at least glanced at the Ann Summers shop windows or even taken shy trips inside only to leave promptly as soon as the shopping assistant approached us.

To me, it’s a shop like any other, with lingerie that’s not all crotchless, bumless and definitely neither makes you, your dignity nor the non-prostitutional intentions of use any ‘less’.

So what’s sold in there that we, women, fear so much?

Lingerie is not for ‘perfect bodies’, because there is no such thing

Is it the fact that we lack confidence to be adventurous, even with what we wear UNDER the office-approved blazers? Is it because we can’t, even for one second, let ourselves forget about body image issues and just reach for what we genuinely covet and secretly want to wear, instead of standing there like a pussy, clutching a pair of thongs and thinking ‘are they going to make my ass look massive’?

These are all very good reasons, but there is one bigger than them all.

I think we don’t treat ourselves to hot lingerie, because we don’t see it as intended for us. It’s only reserved for models, or our partners.

So, if at least one of the above is true and you have developed this irrational fear of buying, wearing and enjoying undergarments that don’t have the words ‘comfy’, ‘casual’ or, God forbid, ‘tummy holding’ on the tag, we have to start from the top.

First of all, forget about everyone else. Forget, for just a minute, that there even is a ‘he’. If you are spending a ridiculous amount of money on expensive scraps of lacey fabric, do it for your own enjoyment primarily.

Buying something that’s beautiful, but definitely not essential to your daily life ( unless we actually purchase it with prostitutional intentions of use), is the purest, kindest act of self love we can possibly perform on yourself.

Getting your hands on this strappy underwire you’ve been eyeing up for months is a warm hug you can give yourself and the distorted body image seed that’s been planted in your head by the media.Wearing a lingerie set to work and thinking about what you have on underneath your uniform will make you feel like you can conquer the world.

These simple operations require neither a man nor legs longer than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s name to succeed.

Notice the dimples in your cheeks more often than you notice the ones in your cellulite.

If you are reading this and thinking ‘that’s some stinky pro-feminist blabber right here’, know that not all feminist burn bras – some actually wear and enjoy them instead of losing sleep over their asymetric nipples.

What leads us to my second point. Lingerie is not for ‘perfect bodies’, because there is no such thing. You are now staring at a huge bum in the middle of your screen and it might make you sad, but the bum isn’t sad. It’s happy, cause it’s dressed up in pretty knickers.

You CAN look good in your lingerie no matter what size you bought it in, as long as you feel good in it.Focus on parts of your body that enhance the lingerie you’re wearing, not the ones you think make you unworthy of even looking at it in store.

Notice the dimples in your cheeks more often than you notice the ones in your cellulite. Think of how the intricate strap detail of your bralette enhances your collarbones. Notice how your tanned skin glows when you slip into that silky ivory set.

And Iif you choose to wear your lingerie for a man, he’ll notice that you noticed. Seeing how confident you are in your skin, he’ll notice more – the beautiful pieces you have on, NOT your muffin tops.

And if the thought that you are too fat or not ‘model’ enough to be worthy of lingerie ever haunts you again, check out and scroll through photos of georgeous ordinary girls in ordinary places, wearing extraordinary garments. They look smashing, and so can you.

There’s so much more to worry about in this life than thongs, so quit worrying. Start embracing.








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