EARGASMS #1: YONAKA @thecookie

How can a Brighton-based group of three ordinary blokes and an innocent looking girl possibly make you want to tear your hair out, rip your heart out and scream from the top of your voice in overwhelming ecstasy?

The answer is complex, but it all leads to one, bizarre-sounding word – YONAKA.

This fledgling, yet already auspicious quartet first came to me with the discovery of their dynamic debut ‘Run’, which I only had to play once before buying the ticket for their gig, and then raped for two long, agonising months, begging for more.

Described among other things as ‘Fleetwood Mac on heavy metal acid’, YONAKA combine a delighftul mixture of dark pop and indie rock elements, lead by the powerfully soaring, sometimes raspy and drunk-like voice of the georgeous Theresa Jarvis and her jungle drum (she might resemble a fourth Haim sister at first, but she is so much more). They definitely had me hooked from the start with their unique vibe – it was nothing like I ever heard before.

Or at least that’s what I thought, until their new song ‘Ignorance’ was released a week before the concert, completely blowing my mind again.

It not only satisfied my excruciating pains of wanting to rape something else than ‘Run’, but made me fall in love with these guys even deeper: stuffy, heavy and rebellious, slowly building up the tension only to leave you shattered, it was what I can only describe as a sure hit.

The long-awaited gig fully unveiled the magic powers of YONAKA, who had the frantic audience gathered at The Cookie, Leicester, banging their heads from the start, too speechless to even complain about the slight delay or seemingly disappointing half an hour performance.

YONAKA managed to set an incredibly intimate aura and are surely an epiphany on the underground British scene I shall not forget about anytime soon. All there is left to do is to somehow stay alive with two amazing singles, anxiously awaiting another tour, or perhaps even an album release, if my heart and soul could even take that blissful hit.

PS: I am sure Theresa would agree with me on this one – ‘Ignorance is not bliss’ guys! Give YONAKA a listen here and get yourself enchanted.







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